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"Ierotelestia" was recorded between January and June 2014 by Astraeos at S.o.D. Studios and drums were recorded in April 2014 by Sven at Y.S. Studios with the help of T.Sydrome.

Tape format released in 2014 by Mercyful Hell Productions
CD format will be released in 2016 by Portrait of Pest Prods


released November 12, 2014

Music & lyrics: Astraeos
Artwork: Astraeos



all rights reserved


Theosis Karditsa, Greece

Born in the early 2013 by Astraeos as a solo black metal project...

In February of 2014 the drummer Sven joined the band...

"The Lord of Wisdom": Demo CD

"Kvlt of the Night": Demo CD

"Behold the Glorious Night": Full length

"The Rite of Conjuration": Digital promo

"Ierotelestia": Full length
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Track Name: The Rite of Conjuration
Crux sancta sit mihi lux!
Non draco sit mihi dux!
Vade retro satana!
Nunquam suade mihi vana!

In the name of Holy Mary,
the Mother of God!
In the name of Saint Michael
and all holy angels and archangels!
In the name of all holy orders
of blessed spirits!
In the name of all holy martyrs!
I the name of God!

Tell me your name demon!
I command you to tell me your name!
Track Name: The Morning Star
I am the lord of lords!
The morning star!
The angel blessed by darkness!
The one and the only!
I am Lucifer!
Track Name: The Awakening
I beseech thee to grand durst to my thirst.
I craved for the living extracts of yore.
My knees are peeled, my hands are pinioned.
The utilized senses are leading astray.
On whom all being, motion, life depend.

Come forth chronic godhead. Your raging sea shall cleanse the transcendental shores. Soaked to the bones, frozen yet awake in the realm of divine morality. On whom all being, motion , life depend. For too long my vagrancy evolved to my pursuer. Terminate the blazing crimson skies hanging over my forehead. On whom all being, motion, life depend.

Initiate me in the circle of the anointed beings and I shall not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; nor for the pestilence that walkenth in the darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
Track Name: The Son of Perdition
The gates will open wide the night his believers will blow the trumpets of darkness. The angel of light, the creator of all evil, the prince of this world will appear like a roaring lion that wanders and searching for someone to saturate it’s neverending hunger. This cold night under the moonlight on this darkened place he emerges from the depths of the abyss. Surrounded by a cold aura like a veil of death and a strong smell from sulfur, full of knowledge and wisdom in order to dominate again as the commander of countless demonic legions. Black clouds embrace the red sky as the hordes of demons strike with no mercy. No one will never see the dawn until the end of time. The sun will never rise again.
Track Name: The Ruler of Cosmic Existence
The oldest stories ever told are written with blood in the book of the unholy past. Stories of times before light and cosmos are born, when darkness ruled this world. It was then when the serpent emerged from the depths of the abyss, from the bowels of the earth. May this unearthly lord give the power to enter the gates of immortality and reach the level of eternity.

I praise you giant serpent, the first-born of dragons,
the ruler of life and death, whose existence is for ever.

I praise you emperor of the ninety nine fortresses,
Lord of Lords, God of Gods.

I praise you great demon of the forces of chaos
with eyes red as blood and skin black as night.